Master Music Talent Academy presents Master Music Talent Drums – Lean To Play Drums In 18 MinutesThis free mini-course of Master Music Talent Academy teaches you and helps you, with short structured lessons, to learn how to play drums with a kit or without one. The lessons and exercises teach you how to count in basic time and implement that to play drums with your hands and feet on your body or on a drum kit If you are using a kit you will learn to play on the Bass drum, Snare drum and Hi-Hat in standard 4/4 time with quarter notes. Finally, you will learn a rudiment technique called single stroke rolls where you will incorporate 8th and 16th notes on the hi-hat and snare drum. All Lessons contain video instructional lessons

After completing this course, you will be able to count in standard 4/4 time and be able to paly a simple groove on the Bass drum, Snare drum and Hi-Hat or, if you do not have a kit, you’ll be able to play the simple groove using your hands and feet.

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